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Market situation-India:
India is one of the fastest evolving economies in the world. With a current population of 1.2 billion, it will have the 3rd largest gross domestic product after China and the USA. With over 300 million people with a middle and higher income, India is the world's 2nd largest consumer base and fastest growing retail destination.

Bangalore your entry to India's growth market:
Bangalore is the capital of Karnataka, a state with 50 million people and the largest agricultural and horticultural production area in India. The state of Karnataka will provide substantial funding for the cultivation of useful and ornamental plants in the future. https://www.watchsupergirlonline.com/ www.passwatches.com

FLORATECH INDIA 2018 - the show target:
The show target is to cover the entire chain in the horticultural and floriculture industry. The FLORATECH INDIA offers a comprehensive range from plants, trees, palms, greenhouse and landscape equipment to floristry and garden features. You will discover the new trends, talents and ideas this industry has to offer.

India's enormous flower and gardening market:
India is poised to become the top trade centre in this part of the world. Imports of flowers, seeds, bulbs, planting materials, greenhouse technologies and gardening-related tools, accessories and equipment from all over the world are increasing every year at a fast rate because industry professionals in India are always looking for new products, techniques and devices that are highly effective and cost efficient. https://www.iwatchs.es/

Floriculture India's 'sunrise industry':
Floriculture in India has become one of the important commercial trades in agriculture and is being viewed as a high growth industry. About 260 thousand hectares are under cultivation in floriculture. Flower consumption is becoming a future market in the flower and gardening segments. The Government of India has identified floriculture as a 'sunrise industry' and accorded it 100% export-oriented status. replica watches greece

For Exhibitors, FLORATECH INDIA 2019 is the gateway to realize the huge potential of South Asian market as a year-round supplier and consumer. Meet everyone at FLORATECH INDIA 2019, concurrently with 11th edition of AgriTech India 2019 at BIEC, Bangalore, India. WatchesSaleOutlet.com ѦŦЦ˦ɦʦ ѦϦ˦Ϧæɦ